Detroit Plant Vesco Oil Corporation, an environmentally conscientious supplier, provides its automotive and industrial customers with a full range of high-quality lubricants and supporting services. Vesco evolved from a business originally founded in 1947 by Eugene Epstein, and is ISO 9001 - 14001 certified at our Detroit, Grand Rapids, Mancelona and Zilwaukee facilities.

During its 70 year history, Vesco has become synonymous with dedicated individuals striving to provide the best in products and innovative, market-driven service. Eugene Epstein, one of the pioneers in the expansion of lubricant distribution, organized a professional team to provide Vesco customers with unparalleled service, which has resulted in superior customer satisfaction.

Following in Eugene Epstein's footsteps was his son, Richard Epstein, who expanded Vesco's product and service offerings to become one of the largest distributors of branded automotive and industrial lubricants in the United States. Richard Epstein served as President and CEO of Vesco from 1985 until his illness and untimely death in 1995. During this time period, Vesco acquired the business of Diamond Oil Distributors in Grand Rapids, and was awarded the contract from Mobil Oil Corporation as the primary distributor of Mobil industrial and automotive lubricants for the state of Michigan, with the result that Vesco became one of the country's largest Mobil industrial lubricant distributors. These two developments expanded the scope of Vesco sales and marketing efforts throughout the lower peninsula of the State of Michigan, and gave Vesco and its members a chance to display their total service concept, which means outstanding availability and timely delivery of a complete product line, accompanied by industry-leading automotive Aftermarket programs, all backed by comprehensive technical, equipment and environmental support. During this same time, Vesco established its Environmental Services Division, which provides complete cradle to grave environmental support to its many industrial and automotive lubricant customers.

Going forward, Vesco has been led by Donald Epstein, the third Epstein to serve as President and CEO of the organization.  Together with Marjory Epstein, his wife and Corporate Vice President,  they have continued to guide Vesco in its business relationships to provide comprehensive and responsive service from sales to distribution, to application technology, to environmentally conscientious recycling, with every customer being equally important. Under their guidance, in 2001, Vesco acquired the business of Kelly Distributing Company, then one of Mobil's top ten distributors. Vesco is now proud to be one of Exxon Mobil’s top distributors in North America. Vesco has continued to build on the base of automotive and industrial lubricant customers that were acquired in the course of the Kelly Distributing acquisition to support its customers. Vesco maintains warehouse and distribution facilities in Detroit, Grand Rapids and Mancelona. Most recently, Vesco has completed a new state-of-the-art warehouse and distribution center in Zilwaukee, Michigan, as well as adding a significant addition to its warehouse and distribution center in Mancelona, Michigan to better serve its northern Michigan customers.

In 2003, the Epsteins' daughters, Lena and Lilly, joined the Vesco management team to provide third-generation leadership and commitment to the family’s vision of building and maintaining the nation’s premier distributor of lubricants and ancillary services.

Vesco continues to expand its fleet of dedicated delivery vehicles and its range of product lines. With our state-wide delivery and distribution facilities as well as a unique team of highly- skilled, motivated and loyal managers and employees, Vesco plans to build on the foundation laid by Eugene Epstein as it continues to lead the lubricant world (and its many automotive and industrial customers) through the 21st century and beyond. As one of the nation's leaders in the distribution of bulk Valvoline products and ExxonMobil automotive and industrial lubricants, Vesco will continue to serve all of your lubricant and supporting service needs.