Vesco Oil Corporation is a MOC® Products and Valvoline Professional Series chemical distributor servicing the entire state of Michigan and northwestern Ohio.  The MOC® and VPS service chemical products and equipment are specifically engineered to perform maintenance and fluid exchanges on a variety of automotive systems.  These include: fuel, coolant, transmission, power steering, differential, engine, brake and air conditioning services.  Vesco Oil Corporation offers complete ongoing professional sales, Service Writer and Technician training complemented by customer retention tools and marketing solutions to help you develop a comprehensive service maintenance program that will increase both service profitability and customer satisfaction.  We also offer a wide range of products for the Car Care Professional.

MOC ProductsMOC® Products Company Inc. is the professional's choice in automotive maintenance, lubricants and cleaners.  Today's automobiles contain complex systems that require regular maintenance of fluids and components to ensure trouble-free operation.  Heat, friction and contaminants can create harmful deposits and reduce the lubricating quality of fluids.  To address these concerns, professional automotive technicians prefer MOC® Products for their unequalled performance.  MOC® is committed to providing the highest quality and best performing products to the automotive industry.  Please click on the image at left for more information regarding MOC® products.



VPS ProductsThe Valvoline Professional Series Service Chemicals deliver maximum value to consumers and installers by providing superior professional grade products to help installers perform value added automotive services.  From fuel system cleaners to coolant exchanges, the Valvoline Professional Series Service Chemicals optimize vehicle performance and longevity and at the same time provide exceptional customer value.  Please click on the image at left for more information regarding Valvoline VPS services.




Car Care Logos
Carbrite and Eagle One are among the brands offered by Vesco for car care professionals.  We also offer the Wizard label, as well as our private Motor City line of car appearance products.  Please click on the image at left for more information regarding our car appearance product offerings.