Lubrication ServicesVesco goes beyond simply providing you product.  Our highly trained Industrial department personnel provide decades of experience in determining not only what lubricants you need, but the services you require to keep your plant's equipment running at peak efficiency.  Our sales and service technicians provide you with expert services to safeguard those operating assets critical to the success of your enterprise.

Lubrication Charting at your plant- Make sure the correct lubricant is selected to extend component life.

Lubrication Equipment- A team of full-time service personnel to design, install and maintain all needed lubrication equipment.

Signum Oil Analysis- ExxonMobil online oil analysis program tailored to assist in extending component life.

Lubrication Training- Training classes can be conducted on your site.  Just as your lubrication technicians need the right products and equipment, they also need knowledge about lubricant function, handling, and application to do their job effectively.

Oil Reclamation Services- Contamination control, emergency water and particulate removal, leakage oil reclamation, and cutting and quench oil reclamation are part of the services available from Vesco Oil.

Bulk Oil Filtering- Bulk Oil can be delivered and passed through a highly efficient filtration system to achieve the cleanliness of the fluid that your equipment requires.

Oil Analysis Interpretation- Your sales representative can assist in interpreting your oil analysis results leading to more understanding of your equipment’s condition.  Understanding oil analysis reports can help you achieve a predictive maintenance program.

Storage and Handling Study- In order to protect this valuable resource and have the lubricants available when you need them, you need to ensure your lubricants are properly stored and handled.  Issues could include lack of “first in first out”, containers exposed to contamination, lube systems not being properly maintained.

Basic Plant Study- Understanding the needs and practices of your plant is essential for establishing a successful lubrication program.

On-Site Technical Troubleshooting- If your equipment performs below expectations, you need expertise on-site to identify and address issues such as misalignments, incorrect temperatures, and improper drain intervals, among others.

Inspections- With the assistance of an ExxonMobil engineer, gear, bearing, hydraulic system, natural gas engine, and diesel engine inspections can be performed resulting in reduction of unscheduled downtime, increased productivity, reduced maintenance costs, reduced lubricant consumption and safety and environmental improvements.