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Engine oil cap. Vesco is a motor oil distributor in Michigan


Vesco Oil supplies an impressive array of name brand lubricants to meet the needs of dealerships, quick lubes, and service centers. Our one of a kind automotive service chemical program tailors to your individual needs and helps implement services to increase revenue. A full line of automotive ancillaries and car appearance products are available to keep customers vehicles clean and running properly. With two complete service departments, our technicians are able to handle all of your equipment installation and service needs.

Industrial oil on a machine. Vesco Oil is an industrial oil distributor in Michigan


Vesco has a vast offering of name brand products for all types of industries regardless of size. This includes manufacturing and metalworking fluids, fleet and off-highway equipment lubricants, and industrial cleaners. With these products Vesco also offers lubrication services, oil analysis, and equipment service to keep operations running smoothly.

Oil Can. Vesco Recycles Oil and Chemicals


In 1989 Vesco Oil established its Environmental Services Division. Initially set up for parts cleaning services, this division has expanded its services to include used oil handling and management, hazardous material handling, used filter management, and technical support and assistance. We have developed an award winning process for handling used oil filters which extracts all of the liquid oil out of the filter during processing. When used oil is picked up, the material is tested for impurities and inconsistencies prior to making a decision on the best way to handle the material.