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Vesco offers a complete line of lubricants to dealerships, quick lubes, and service centers. Selecting the right oil is becoming more difficult as countless new engines and types of oil are unveiled each year. We feature a full line of conventional oils, blends, and full synthetics and supply all major OEM programs for Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Indiana.

Our experienced automotive sales team is here to help simplify the selection process. By working closely with customers, Vesco makes sure that each product is an ideal fit. With a seemingly endless line of products, we can point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for and give you the background to promote it.

OEM Programs

Vesco supplies OEM programs in Michigan, Northern Ohio, and Indiana. We feature conventional oils, blends, and full synthetics available in drum and bulk quantities. Bulk oil programs include:

Mobil PRoducts

High performance Mobil products are available from Vesco for all engine types and sizes. Delivery options include quart, drum, and bulk quantities. Product Line Overview:

Mobil 1

Synthetic motor oil with excellent wear and sludge protection.

Mobil Super

Conventional motor oil with special additives to keep engines clean.

Mobil Delvac 1

Heavy duty synthetic oil for diesel engines.

Mobil Delvac

Multipurpose diesel engine oil.

Valvoline Products

Valvoline has been manufacturing and improving motor oil for over 150 years and has become a staple of the industry. Synthetic and conventional oils are available that protect new, modern engines and increase longevity in more seasoned, high mileage engines. Product Line Overview:

Daily Protection

Conventional motor oil formulated for use in all climates.

High Mileage

Blended and full synthetic motor oils formulated with Valvoline's high mileage MaxLife™ technology.

Heavy Duty Diesel

Conventional and synthetic motor oil for diesel engines. Includes Premium Blue™ products exclusively endorsed by Cummins.

Full Synthetic

Full synthetic motor oil available for numerous engine sizes and performance requirements.

Synthetic Blend

Premium synthetic motor oil combined with advanced additives that clean and protect engines.

*Valvoline motor oil offerings vary by location. Sales of Valvoline motor oil in Michigan and Northwest Ohio is managed by Valvoline directly.

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