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Vesco has a large fleet for handling bulk quantities of material. Most of our lubricant products are available in sizes ranging from quart bottles to tanker trucks, the same is true for our non-oil materials. Our unique line of windshield washer fluid is one of few washer solvents available in bulk. We supply name brand anti-freeze products and handle pick up and disposal of used antifreeze.


Vesco’s Blue View windshield washer solvent provides excellent year round protection for windshields and wiper blades. Our specially formulated, non-flammable product offers superior freeze protection in winter months, while maximizing a clear view of the road ahead. We have a variety of storage tanks available to fit any business size and eliminate the use of gallon jugs. Our complimentary inventory management ensures that customers never run out of material and supply is continuously flowing.


With a complete line of Zerex antifreeze products available from Vesco, we can make sure you always have the right fit for every engine. We supply the antifreeze you need and haul away the used antifreeze you don’t. We supply product in bulk, drum and case quantities to fit your handling needs.


Dex-Cool is formulated and approved for use in GM and Saab vehicles which require organic acid technology based antifreeze/coolant.


G-05 is formulated and approved for use in newer Ford and FCA vehicles. It uses hybrid organic acid technology (HOAT) to provide excellent protection against rust and corrosion.


Valvoline MaxLife antifreeze/coolant is the work horse of the group. It provides vehicle temperature stability for all makes and models, and is targeted at high mileage vehicles. It contains proprietary additives which maximize engine protection against rust and corrosion.


Original Green antifreeze/coolant has been used and trusted for decades in passenger, light, and heavy vehicles. Its proven formula provides superior corrosion resistance and cooling system protection without compromise.