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Vesco offers service and support for road going and heavy equipment fleets. Fleet vehicles often receive less than stellar treatment and have to work in some of the roughest conditions. Choosing the right oils and lubricants is vital for performance and engine life. Our highly trained technicians help customers make the best choice to fit their engine and their budget.

Highway Fleets

With ever changing road conditions, engine requirements, and environmental concerns, fleet operators have a pretty full plate. When you throw oil changes and fluid exchanges in the mix it doesn’t get any easier. Fleet vehicles, whether they are long haul diesel semi’s or small town taxi cabs, need to have a streamlined maintenance program. The Vesco team assists with setting up and executing these programs. We supply fluid handling equipment, pumps, tanks, and oil dispensing systems to efficiently service vehicles and get them back on the road with limited down time. Our large selection of API and ILSAC approved lubricants gives customers plenty of options when deciding what would be the best fit for their fleet. Going a step further we also provide environmental services including used oil handling, used filter recycling, used antifreeze handling, parts washing, and environmental consultation. More information about our environmental services can be found here.

Off-Highway Equipment

Off-Highway equipment operates in wet, dirty, and dusty environments which all can be severe to engines hydraulic systems, drive trains, gears and bearings. Heavy loads and high horsepower put additional stress on this equipment. Vesco provides high quality robust lubricants that protect these vital components and extend engine life. Products available from Mobil, Accurate Lubricants, and others are purpose built for extreme conditions and constant battery. Our trained sales team works with customers to pick the right materials to keep things running round the clock. Vesco’s environmental division analyzes, transports, and disposes of used material so customers have a consistent flow of fresh materials to keep things running smoothly.