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The proper management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste is crucial to a company’s survival in this age of growing regulation of these wastes. We’ve applied our extensive experience in the waste management industry to put our customers’ minds at ease by developing a diverse and comprehensive menu of management strategies designed to maximize protection of the environment and minimize cost.

Our trained personnel can assist you in properly characterizing, packaging, marking and transporting these waste streams. Our fleet of licensed vehicles employs a unique system of secondary containment which protects against the inadvertent release of these wastes while they are being transported. Our facilities are designed to safely store these wastes while awaiting their final disposition with our Detroit facility permitted to conduct ten day off truck storage of hazardous wastes.

Whatever it is that your facility generates, and whichever treatment option you choose, let the professionals at Vesco guide you through the process. Contact your sales person for more details.