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Don’t let your facility suffer the costs associated with the improper management of used oil. When you allow a collector to remove your used oil, you are exposing your company to future clean-up costs. Vesco’s used oil management program was developed to aid our customers in the proper segregation, characterization and handling of their used oil. We are committed to providing the most sound management practices necessary to protect the long-term interests of our customers. We specialize in the collection and management of crankcase, transmission, hydraulic and gear oils. We have provided car dealers, quick-lubes, fleets and commercial-industrial customers with exemplary service for nearly twenty years.

Vesco’s drivers sample every load of used oil. The oil is tested on site for halogen contamination to ensure that it has not been mixed with hazardous waste. The sample is split, with one half being left with the customer, while the other half is retained by Vesco for a period of at least thirty days. This sample retention procedure allows us to protect our customers who generate uncontaminated used oil in the event a hazardous constituent is detected when the oil is tested more extensively. Why should your facility be held responsible for someone else’s mismanagement? When you choose Vesco to manage your used oil, this added value is standard.

The oil is hauled to one of our storage facilities in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw or Mancelona, Michigan. All of the used oil tanks are sufficiently contained to protect the environment in the event of a spill. In addition, Vesco personnel regularly inspect the tank farms to ensure their ongoing integrity. Vesco employees responsible for used oil management follow strict loading procedures.

Vesco’s extensive sampling and testing protocol goes far beyond your facility. Each truck load of oil is sampled and tested for halogen contamination prior to being unloaded into the tank farm. Each tank is sampled and tested by an independent certified laboratory for used oil fuel parameters. This layered approach is designed to detect a potential cross-contamination problem early in the management process. Once declared “on-spec”, the oil is marketed to facilities permitted to burn this type of material as an alternative fuel. The oil remains in the control of Vesco personnel throughout the entire management process.

Vesco customers also enjoy indemnity in the event of any accidental release of their oil, causing an adverse environmental impact. Ask your Vesco sales representative about our used oil collection agreement. Also, find out how Vesco’s consolidated manifest system can save you time and money.

In addition to used oil, Vesco recycles nearly a quarter million gallons of used antifreeze each year. We provide a sound alternative for our customers who want to protect the environment from the toxic effects of the ethylene glycol in used antifreeze. Vesco has been a front runner in the collection and proper management of used antifreeze as more stringent wastewater discharge regulations have forced local sewer departments to tighten their acceptance criteria from commercial facilities.

We can collect used antifreeze from bulk tanks or drums and transport it back to our storage facilities in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Saginaw or Mancelona, Michigan. It is then shipped to a recycling facility that recovers the ethylene glycol. Vesco provides this service even when our competitors will not due to the financial volatility of the ethylene glycol market. Rest assured, we will not abandon our commitment to our customers to provide a sound recycling option for used antifreeze.