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Certain manufacturing and industrial applications require specific materials that adhere to industry standards and regulations. Food processing plants have to use FDA approved materials as it may come into contact with food products. Other applications require fire resistant materials due to unstable temperatures in the manufacturing process. Vesco and its partners work closely with customers to help meet all of these requirements in an easy, economically friendly way.


Vesco has multiple lines of products which meet FDA and NSF H1 safety standards. By using food grade base oils and raw materials our suppliers formulate the best products for use in the food industry. Most products are approved for use in halal, kosher, nut-free, and vegetarian food applications. Products are available from Mobil, Castrol, DuBois, and Quaker.


Anything designed to fly today requires special parts and lubricants that can withstand the extreme conditions experienced during operation. High performance polymers, alloys, and metals used in aircraft bodies and engines have their own set of manufacturing requirements that have to be met. This is coupled with the constant drive to make materials stronger, lighter, and more eco-friendly. Taking all of this into consideration, Vesco and its suppliers offer multiple lines of products that are approved for use in these manufacturing processes. This includes metalworking fluids, cleaners, and corrosion preventatives that have been designed directly with some of the largest aerospace OEM’s. Oils and lubricants that are used during operation are available and have been specially designed to function in the extreme temperatures experienced operation. Products are available from Mobil, Castrol, DuBois, Quaker, and Fortech.


Marine applications vary in size from small personal water craft to large ocean transport vessels. Many marine products contain hydrophobic additives to keep things running smooth even if they are accidentally submerged. Marine manufacturing and operational processes are subject to stricter environmental regulations than other industries. By working closely with suppliers, customers, regulators, and manufacturers, Vesco has put together an inclusive product offering which aligns with our environmental ideals. We have products for multiple different engine types including diesel, two stroke, and four stroke gasoline engines. Products are available from Mobil, Castrol, DuBois, Quaker, Accurate Lubricants, Fortech, and Cyclo Industries.


Oil and lubricants play a vital role in extending the life of mining equipment. The key to a successful mining operation is minimizing preventative maintenance, downtime, and equipment turnover. Vesco supplies top of the line oil and lubricants to keep everything running in a cost efficient manner. With technology and equipment quickly advancing Vesco and its partners make sure to stay one step ahead of the curve by constantly updating product offerings that meet new requirements. Products are available from Mobil, Castrol, Quaker, and Accurate Lubricants.